About Me



Hi! I’m Val.

I’m an obsessive workaholic, writer, writing coach, wife, and mom.

For 10+ years, I worked in broadcasting and international events. I worked in New York City with the National Basketball Association and NBC News and also in Dallas with The Tom Joyner Morning Show. My career was intense, thrilling and fun. It took me all over the world. And, perhaps most importantly, it gave me a lot to write about!

In 2007, I quit my job to write a novel.

While I agree that probably proves I’m insane, writing has always been my #1 passion so I took the chance and retired from corporate America to follow my heart and pursue my dream. And I haven’t looked back!

So far, I’ve written two novels, a few screenplays, and a children’s book. I’ve published poems, articles, and short stories. I’ve even ghost written (shhh!) and edited projects for other people. In addition to writing, I coach other aspiring and professional writers. I instruct writing courses and run workshops both locally and online.

My feature length romantic comedy Professional Maid of Honor won the grand prize in the 2015 Big Story Group Screenwriting Competition and my novel Private Mommies Society was a finalist in the 2015 William Faulkner Wisdom Novel Contest.

I know this is what I was born to do! My solid work ethic (thanks, Mom & Dad!) and being married to the world’s most supportive (and sexiest) man doesn’t hurt! He and our beautiful little girl inspire me daily and encourage me to stick to it no matter what!

While I love to write, it can be lonely business and, at times, painful. The rejections, of which there are many, pretty much suck. Writer’s block sucks, too. So, at the suggestion of a friend, I started blogging as a way to push through the challenges. I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to put myself out there like that but I figured blogging is a far better solution than, say, tequila and cupcakes.

Since I mostly blog when I’m blocked, when I’m not blogging it typically means I’m on a writing roll… or maybe it means the tequila and cupcakes are winning.

I hope this will inspire me as I continue to grow as a writer. And if something I post here happens to inspire you in the process, then that will be a huge bonus!

Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your love and support.


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