Autumn Alarm Clock

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Mother tapped on my window this morning
Seizing my skin with her breeze
And pleasing my ears with the click-clack-
Click of leaves falling from trees

Though I realized you were gone
I still squeezed your pillow in denial
Then pleading to be released
I pressed hard on my mind’s snooze

Nature found another way
She sent the rain to trickle,
Tickle and tease me with its dripdropdrip
Dripdropdrowning out my dreams

Still I refused to believe
In reality without
You beside me I’d rather
Stay here sleeping the day away alone

Finally, Autumn retreats
Her sensations are replaced
By temptations of caffeine, cream and you
I rise to delicious coffee for two.

Planting Words (a sestina about writing)

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Valerie Zane

Planting Words (a sestina about writing)
Money doesn’t grow on trees
They say.
But who are they anyway?
Because as a writer who writes
What I know
I’m sure that’s where my fortune grows.

It takes love and time to grow
A tree.
Plant a seed and wait, you say?
So who are you to show the way?
We’re writers
And we must write. That’s what we know.

But how did we come to know?
We grow
Up this way and like the trees
We find our strength in what we say
Our own way.
It’s what it means to be writers.

And we’ve always been writers,
We know.
Like a seedling knows to grow
Toward the sun to become a tree.
We can say
The same. We know no other way.

If there was another way
Are savvy enough to know
That like a wild fire grows

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2020… Am I right?

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Life has been crazy lately, hasn’t it?

But I guess that goes without saying these days.

I haven’t blogged in a long time. I can’t even blame 2020 for that but to say I’ve been busy would be both a cop out and an understatement. I can only say I’ll try to do better.

In addition to all the mom stuff we moms do on the regular, I’ve been distracted by other things. Work. Life. Other stuff.

Though I obviously haven’t been blogging, I have been writing. A lot actually.

I rewrote one of my novels… again. Only this time, I like hardcore rewrote it—as in completely shredded the you-know-what out of it until it was completely unrecognizable and then I put it back together. Like one of those 1000-piece puzzles so many of us attempted to tackle this year, I felt accomplished and proud when I finally finished it. But like a puzzle, now I don’t know what to do with it or myself. I’m not sure whether I should frame it, start another puzzle right away, or take it apart all over again.

Perhaps it’s time to dust off the querying cobwebs and get going.

My dad died last year.

That was rough. Still not ready to talk about it.

Oh, and COVID. WTF? I lost a good friend this year to it. She was 44 when she got it and 45 when she was removed from the ventilator. In case you’re wondering, she had no preexisting conditions or at least none anyone was aware of. So many people have lost people this year. Over a dozen of my close friends have lost parents. Not all to COVID but it seems we have all lost something or someone to it. But we’re also gaining things. It’s not always easy to see those things but if we squint hard enough, they’re there.

It’s probably strange to admit this but I’ve enjoyed my time in quarantine. In some ways, self-distancing comes naturally to me. Spending more time with my family, especially my daughter, has been nothing short of a blessing.

We’ve decided to homeschool her this year. She’s always kind of wanted to be homeschooled so needless to say she’s beyond excited. I am too. So far, it’s going well.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have Polycystic Kidney Disease. I’ve never let it slow me down, but like so many of you who have preexisting conditions it’s given me something extra to think about in the midst of this whole COVID sitch. My mom has it, too.

We all have so much on our hearts and minds these days.

I hope you’re happy and healthy.

I’ll blog again soon.

This year. Or maybe next year.


Women Who Write in Film chose me!

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My screenplay Pro M.O.H. (Professional Maid of Honor) came in 2nd Place in the Women Who Write in Film International Screenwriting Competition!!

I’m so honored! And I’m excited to see where this might possibly lead me next!

Monster Pudding Cups for Halloween

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I love to make special treats for my daughter to take to school, especially at holiday time. Here’s a quick and easy treat for Halloween! Not only are these fun and easy to make, but they’re cheap so you can make enough for the whole class!


Vanilla Pudding (follow instructions on package)

Green or Purple Food Coloring (just a few drops until you get the color you want)

Clear plastic cups, spoons and a magic marker (for drawing faces)

Any spooky topping and/or decorations you wish (I used candy worms, chocolate cream cookie crumbles and colorful plastic spider rings. The kids loved them!)

Monster Pudding 1

Monster Pudding 2

Monster Pudding 3

Thinking of you, Dad, on Election Day

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My dad has Alzheimer’s so unfortunately he won’t be voting today.
That said; anyone who knows him knows he loved to talk politics and that he would have probably voted Republican even though he’d have made it clear that he thinks they’re all a bunch of assholes.
Over the years, he and I have had endless political discussions and debates, a few of them heated to say the least. But back in 2008, when I told him I was voting for Hillary Clinton in the primary and listed my top few reasons why, surprisingly he didn’t argue with me. He knew my mind was made up so he just listened and nodded.
I could tell he was proud of me then and I know he would be proud of me today as I take his granddaughter to the polls with me to vote for the candidate I truly believe in. Because that’s what it’s all about!
Even though my dad and I have disagreed on many things, he and I actually have a lot in common. Oddly enough, he always wanted me to go to a liberal college and perhaps not so odd he raised me to be a hardworking, open minded, passionate, critical thinker just like him.
Thanks, Dad. I’m forever grateful for everything you’ve taught me. I love you and I miss you and I’ll surely be thinking of you a lot today.
What I wouldn’t give to debate you one more time. xoxo