Saturn in Scorpio: My Personal To Do List

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This may seem silly but since I’m a Scorpio and since Saturn has entered Scorpio’s first house and will be hanging around for the next almost three years, I decided to make myself a “short” To Do list.

I have a lot to accomplish and Saturn is sort of like a personal trainer. Saturn pushes hard and makes sure we learn the lessons we need to learn and do the things we say we want to do. In a nutshell, Saturn makes sure we stick to our word.

I think Saturn and I will get along just fine.

Val’s to do list for Saturn in Scorpio:

  1. Write write write!!! Get my novels published. Sell my screenplays.
  2. Study. Learn. Get good grades. Graduate.
  3. Lose weight. Join Weight Watchers. Go to meetings. Work out.
  4. Eat healthy. More vegetables. More fruit. Less junk.
  5. Save money. Spend less. Pay off debt.
  6. Meditate. Burn candles. Connect with nature.
  7. Take more baths. Relax. Get massages and reflexology.
  8. Sleep more. Take naps. Rest.
  9. Clean house. Get rid of unnecessary things. Dust. Clean car.
  10. Whiten teeth. Shower. Moisturize. Paint nails. Dress up.
  11. Ignore toxic people. Leave the past behind. Forgive and forget.

Okay, now someone remind me in 3 years to come back and check the list to see if I actually did (and more importantly continued to do) the things I’ve set out to do.

I hope you accomplish everything you set out to accomplish, too.


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