Look what popped up right outside our back door!



It’s a robin’s nest. My immediate thought was mini Incredible Hulk eggs and then a friend suggested Smurfs. I guess they are a tad more blue than green. Anyway, I googled it and it’s definitely a robin’s eggs.

Mama has been coming back and forth and papa has been hovering above squawking down at us from up in a nearby tree. They are a cute couple!

It’s things like this that make me truly love living in Iowa. While I loved and often miss living in NYC, too, things like this never happened to us there. Though I once tried to doctor a rogue pigeon back to life but that’s a different story. I hope this story has a happier ending!

This is certainly a new experience for me. How exciting!

Spring has sprung.

2 thoughts on “Look what popped up right outside our back door!

  1. Good Luck watching them hatch and grow. We had two next last year but one day we got bad winds here and they both got knocked out of their trees. It was after they hatched so we took the babies and buried them.

    • Oh how sad! I’ve been worried about our little mama and her eggs. She must be afraid of heights because she and her hubz built their nest on a pile of timber on the ground right by our back door. I’ve been worried about cats getting to them. I hope they make it! It’s been fun to watch.

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