Last night, Jason took a wrong turn but it ended up so right.

Since he was already way out of his way, he decided to stop at a place he spotted called Lucky Boy Restaurant in Lawrence, New York and pick up dinner. We’d never been there before, but for whatever reason, he decided to check it out. It’s a small, out of the way, hole in the wall type place, the ones that are almost always good. Greek food, family owned. He made a few standard selections for us to split: salad, hummus, pita, dolmades (my fave!) and a stuffed eggplant dish that LUCKILY never made it into the bag.

Call it fate or kismet or simple good luck, but as he turned to leave, just before opening the door, he spotted the most beautiful, decadent, fresh, homemade coconut custard pie sitting all alone and uncut on the counter. My husband isn’t into sweets (or so he says), but even he couldn’t resist this. Thank God!

“My wife will kill me if I leave without a slice of that pie,” he claims he said as he turned back.

“Did you really say that?” I replied laughing later as I listened to his rendition of the story.

“No, but I thought it.”

I’ve always had a thing for smart guys (and pie).

Seriously, I love pie. Not all pie. Most pies actually suck, in my opinion. They can be dry, tasteless, boring. They are often either too sweet or not sweet enough. But, when you spot a good one, and you’ll know it when you do, for the sake of all that is good in the world, please promise me that you won’t let it get away. This one wasn’t just good. It was exceptional.

As he arranged the takeout containers onto our kitchen counter and prepared our plates, I spotted it. Would you believe he tried to hide it from me? But, it was too late. It was love at first sight. Toasted coconut sprinkled atop a heaping mound of cream so decadent and divine, I was drooling before it was out of the clear plastic container.

“Let’s have dinner first,” he urged.

OK, fine. But I couldn’t stop thinking about the pie. Sure, I begrudgingly (and quickly) ate my salad. It and the rest of the food were good too. Really good actually, but let’s get back to the pie.

Finally, it was time for pie!

With our daughter content watching Dora and eating dinner in her high chair in the other room, he and I hovered in the kitchen over the sink and took turns going at it. One pie, one fork. It was lustful, forbidden and maybe even a tad naughty. It was so wrong, but it felt so right!

The best part? Well, the pie itself was the best part. But, the second best part was the eggplant dish that never made its way into the bag. Why? Because it gives us a reason to return. Of course, we won’t be fooling anyone. The true reason will be the pie.

I’ve been informed (by a very trustworthy and incredibly attractive, funny and witty source) that they have the exact same pie but in chocolate -yes, CHOCOLATE (is it just me, or do you hear that choir of angels singing “Halleluiah?”)!!

If you ever find yourself in (or anywhere near or even nowhere near) Lawrence, New York, please don’t miss the chance to try the world’s best coconut custard pie. Even if you hate coconut or custard or even pie (what’s wrong with you??!), please stop and take a slice home with you.

And, by all means, share it with your wife!! You won’t regret it. It’s so delicious, it might even change your life.

3 thoughts on “Pie

    • Hi Linda! That’s great. My daughter is watching Dora on DVR right now. She was so into Dora last year, that I wrapped all of her bday gifts in Dora paper. I have so much of it leftover that even the adults in my life now get Dora-wrapped gifts… no exceptions! Thanks for commenting! xo

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