A Wii for me? You shouldn’t have!


In addition to flowers, cards and candy, my husband got me a Wii for Valentine’s Day. I’d wanted (dropped hints, begged and practically drew a treasure map for) a basic Zumba DVD. Being a good man, he naturally went the extra step, getting me the Wii and Wii Zumba. Even though he claimed they were from our 1-yr-old daughter, I knew better.

I was immediately grateful and blown away by its extravagance. Admittedly, I was a tad intimidated. I’m technology-challenged and have been since birth. I was convinced I’d break it trying to remove it from the box. So, once he removed it from the box and properly installed it for me, it was on! And, it has remained on ever since.

It started with Zumba, the original reason for the gift. I loved it from the very first Calypso and wanted (needed) more!! So, we bowled a round. That was fun. He won the first. I won the second. Best two out three? OK! Before we knew it, we were 100 pin bowling with matching shirts! Then, out of curiosity, we checked out Wii boxing. The rush of adrenaline got the best of me, and I knocked out my opponent in the third round. I kicked his Wii ass, and it felt so good! An old friend said, “You can take the girl out of Kensington, but you can’t take the Kensington out of the girl.” If you’re from Philly, you will understand.

Now, in addition to Zumba, bowling and boxing, I’ve been partaking regularly in Wii basketball, tennis, golf (I’m good at Wii golf, like pre-sex scandal Tiger Woods good), skydiving, badminton (honestly, I just like saying ‘shuttlecock’), fencing, various water and air sports, Frisbee, cycling and even baseball (the sport I hate most in real life).

I have had to come to terms with the fact, rather quickly, that I’m currently addicted to Wii.

And, so is my husband.

Seriously, he and I may need to go to Wii counseling or have a Wii intervention. I wonder if they have a Wii patch for this sort of thing? It’s spiraling out of control, and more than just a Wii bit.

It’s not just about us. We live on the top floor, and I feel bad for torturing our neighbors below. I recall past years when we did not live on the top floor, when we had noisy upstairs’ neighbors. We were at their mercy. Back then, I’d find myself wondering out loud if those people had built a bowling alley in their living room. That’s what it sounded like. Of course, that was long before the Wii’s time. Now, suddenly, we are those people! And, thanks to Wii, we (or wii) actually have a bowling alley in our living room whenever we feel like bowling… Our poor neighbors!

But not just a bowling alley, we also have a dance floor, hockey rink, boxing ring, tennis court, among other things. For over a week now, wii’ve been bowling, stomping, dancing, boxing, jumping, and even wave running above them… every… single… day… and night!

Through this experience, I’ve learned some new things about myself and my husband. For example, I had no idea that he was so good at tennis! Nine years, and you think you know someone. Also, I rediscovered that we share a similar competitive, adventurous spirit. I’ve always known that, but it’s nice being reminded. And, clearly, I’m not the only obsessive one in this relationship. He loves the Wii just as much as me, probably more. The Wii was, after all, his idea. At one point, he even thanked me for “letting” him keep it.

In learning about us, I’ve also figured out why it’s called a Wii.

Here’s my Top 10:

  1. It makes you say, “Wiiiiiiiiiiiii!”
  2. After playing non-stop for six hours, I realized I’d better stop to go wii or I might wii my pants.
  3. Whenever I leave the room, hii tries to sneak in a quick solo game, proving this Wii was not just a gift for mii.
  4. Wii want (NEED) more Wii games ASAP!
  5. Playing as a team, wii rock!
  6. Playing against each other, wii are waaaay too competitive!
  7. Wii go “Wii, wii, wii, all the way home to play our Wii.” It’s kind of sad, really. But, it’s winter. Ooh, Wiinter!
  8. After playing all night for four consecutive nights, wii really need to get some sleep.
  9. Wii are way too old for this. Please pass the Ben Gay.
  10. Wii need help… professional help… and perhaps a second Wii controller.

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